Cookies are small files which are stored on your computer. To make the website simpler, it holds a small amount of information to tailor a page to a particular user. Most large websites do this as well.

It makes things easier by remembering settings that you have entered previously, as well as collecting data about how you use the website so we can be certain that it meets your needs.

These cookies are used to improve your experience when using our website, and are in no way used to personally identify you. You can control how you want cookies to be used, or delete them using your browser's settings. If you delete or disable any cookies that our website uses, you may not be able to access certain features.

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How we use cookies

The following table list the cookies that this website uses.

Name Content Expires Purpose
AnonymousUserId Random number 70 days. Is removed after login/registration. Used to store your shortlist, course assistant & saved searches without being registered on the site (e.g. when browsing the site as a guest). These will be transferred to your account upon registration)
__RequestVerificationToken_Lw__ Random number Session/non-persistent Used to prevent Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks. A CSFR attack forces your browser to carry out actions which you did not intend on initiating.
ASP.NET_SessionId Random number Session/non-persistent Used to temporarily store settings that improve your experience while using the site, such as remembering the state of the shortlist basket
.ASPXAUTH Random number Session/non-persistent Used to track whether or not you have logged into our system with your secure account.
Unistats.Cookies Accept 70 days Used to store your acceptance of the Unistats Cookie policy
Unistats.MobileToDesktop True 24 hours Used to store your preference to use the desktop site on a mobile device

In order to track our web traffic, we are also using Google Analytics cookies